Month: February 2017

Active Lifestyle

Want to walk on the beach pain-free? Running your first marathon? Or [...]

Shoulder Pain

If everyday tasks are causing you niggles and aches, Flow Physio can help you. We will identify where the pain is coming from, and treat the problem [...]

Jaw Pain

Have you ever experienced aching, clicking, grinding, popping in your jaw? Did you know physiotherapy could help? The Jaw, also know at the [...]

Headaches & Migraines

Did you know “Headache” is actually an umbrella term used to describe an over activity of the pain-structures in the head, and a migraine is a type of [...]


Pregnancy can be a physically demanding time for women. Safe and specific hands on treatment combined with pregnancy specific exercise is an effective way [...]


Two weeks ago we asked you if you thought we were in a "World Sleep Crisis" Prof Ron Grinstein, Professor of Sleep Medicine (University of Sydney) & [...]