Welcome to Flow Physio

Helping you get back into your flow. Flow Physio delivers a high quality physiotherapy service in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. At Flow Physio we see a range of different injuries, and see people from many lifestyles and ages. Whether you enjoy going for daily walks, are competing at an international level, or running your first marathon, Flow Physio will help you reach your full physical potential.

Flow Physio offers effective, efficient, evidence based treatment, recognises when medical and other health professionals need to be brought into the equation. Above all, it’s individually tailored. You won’t be given a “recipe” treatment.

Why Choose Us

At Flow Physio, we will perform a thorough examination to:

    • Find the source of your symptoms
    • Find the cause of your symptoms
    • Work with you to develop a treatment plan that is tailored for YOU
We are all individuals in this world. We work, rest and play in all forms, and as a result our bodies experience life differently. Lets find your flow again…

Our Team

Andrea Pantoja

Principal Physiotherapist

Hi! I'm Andrea, I'm 100% dedicated to helping people live their lives.

Nicole Gunzburg

Massage Therapist

Hi I'm Nicole, and I'm passionate about helping people and their bodies perform optimally through life.

Nicky Taylor


Hi! I'm Nicky! Patient care and wellbeing is of utmost priority to me!

Nina Ferris

Practice Manager

Hi! I'm Nina and making your time here at Flow Physio an enjoyable one is very important to me.