At Flow we provide counselling and psychotherapy services to those experiencing personal, relationship, crisis or work related difficulties.

Our vision is to assist individuals, couples, children and families with interpersonal challenges, to improve quality of life, move through life cycles more effectively and help them to explore and achieve their short and long term goals.

Gabrielle uses a person centred approach which is a counselling approach that requires the client to take an active role in his or her treatment with the therapist being non-directive and supportive. In client-centered therapy, the client determines the course and direction of treatment, while the therapist clarifies the client’s responses to promote self-understanding

Some common services we offer our clients include:

  •  Pre and Post Natal needs
  •  Stress and Anxiety Disorders
  •  Trauma
  •  Depression
  •  Relationships
  •  Grief and Bereavement

Individual, family or group interventions are available at our clinic in Randwick. Home visits, or video linkup sessions are also available for crisis intervention or those who are unable to attend our clinic physically due to injury or distance.

Our mature and highly skilled Practitioner Gabrielle has been working with children and families for the last ten years.

What is counselling?

Sometimes referred to as ‘talk therapy’, typically deals with present issues that are easily resolved and focuses on enhancing people’s capacity to cope with specific life challenges such as relationship endings, bereavement, and anxiety. Seeing a counsellor helps people resolve crises, reduce distress, develop goals for change and improve their wellbeing. Problems brought to sessions are discussed in the present-tense, with not too much attention being placed on past experiences. The Counselor guides the client to discover their own answers and support them through the actions that they choose to take.

Counselling also assists with problem solving and developing inner resources to move on with life in meaningful ways.

What is Psychotherapy?

Focuses to a greater extent on achieving change in the personality or self by examining intensively and extensively the individual’s psychological history. Psychotherapy benefits those who notice that the nature of their personal difficulties is repetitive, and similar issues arise time and again in different contexts and relationships. This type of therapy considers overall patterns, chronic issues, and recurrent feelings, rather than narrowing in on individual problems. The aim is to resolve the underlying issues that fuel the ongoing issues. A psychotherapist helps in resolving past experiences as part of creating the basis for a rich and meaningful life.

Psychotherapy helps people achieve better self-understanding and change long-standing patterns of behaviour that may be disrupting relationships, work and study. Psychotherapy is often long term. Aspects of problem solving are integrated into a deeply structural and affective approach that treats symptoms in the context of the whole person.

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a method of treatment for psychological disorders, that takes a practical, task-based approach to solving problems. It is designed to help change negative thoughts and behaviours, by providing more positive and fulfilling solutions. The focus of CBT is to address symptoms while they are present, and to learn skills and techniques that can be used in the ongoing improvement of mental health.

What is Art therapy?

Art therapists work with a client or a group of clients to help them address emotional and psychological issues through creative activities such as drawing, painting, sculpting and collage.

What is Mindfulness and Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation which involves paying attention to the present moment, deliberately and nonjudgmentally. It is a popular meditation practice in the West and has roots in the Buddhist tradition of Vipassana meditation. It will often be incorporated into yoga practices and teachings.

At Flow we use a variety of evidence based techniques to provide high quality  support and services.  


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