Pilates at Flow Physio focuses on training your core and posture in the way everyday life requires. This is called functional training; a more relevant way of training your core and posture. It’s more than general abdominal exercises or general glut exercises. Yes Pilates at Flow Physio will train your abdominal muscles, but it will also train the deeper muscles around your trunk to stabilise your spine, pelvis, and hips. You will learn to move safely and more efficiently.

Taught by an experienced physiotherapist who understands injury and the path to rehabilitation

At Flow Physio, we offer Pilates in a Clinical Pilates setting and in small group classes. Pilates can be used to improve your posture, though more specifically it can be used to rehabilitate hip, pelvic, back and neck pain.

Pilates will help you develop an internal system to improve your posture, and to move with greater stability by introducing you to some simple cues and prompts. Use these cues and prompts during your regular day, during exercise and sport, to help reduce joint pain and improve performance.

When you participate in Pilates at Flow Physio, you will be practicing the most up to date method of strengthening your core.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is taught on a one-on-one basis to specifically work on the deficiencies we have identified in your Initial Consultation. Clinical Pilates is taught using a pilates reformer, which can provide more support whilst you exercise and strengthen.

Ease into exercise safely, especially when recovering from injury.

Small Group Classes

In this one hour class, you will be guided through a series of strengthening and stretching exercises which concentrate on engaging the core muscles illustrated above. Pilates can be used as a stepping stone before diving into higher intensity training. Core stability is a fundamental component of any training regime, especially in elite training programs.

The classes are designed for participants recovering from injury, and are ideal for those rehabilitating from back, pelvic, and hip pain. The classes are run at a slow pace and with supervision by an experienced physiotherapist to ensure exercises are completed with good technique, and are performed as safely as possible.

Road to Recovery

Unfortunately with spinal and pelvic pain the deep core muscles can become “dysfunctional”, becoming weak and contracting at the wrong time. As a result, other muscles begin to compensate for this weakness (muscles not designed to carry out the role of stability). They eventually fatigue, become excessively tightened and can cause pain.

Pilates at Flow Physio can retrain these muscles to regain strength, balance, and restore healthy movement patterns of the body.

If you are currently suffering from an injury, we highly recommend booking an Initial Consultation at Flow Physio to assure we provide the specific guidance and training you need for recovery.

Post-Partum Rehabilitation

The initial weeks post partum is the most important time to rehabilitate your pelvis and body after delivering your baby. It is the time to “retrain” your abdominals and pelvic floor muscles the right way. The safe way; and in a way that brings you long-term results. Call the clinic and chat with us about how we can help you.


Clinical Pilates is conducted at our clinic.

Our small group classes are conducted at:
Coogee Eastward Senior Citizens
97 Brook Street
Coogee NSW 2034

What to Bring

Exercises mat and water to stay hydrated. All other equipment such as foam rollers, resistance bands and pilates circles are provided.

Please call the clinic on 8034 8672 for further details.