A Targeted Approach

The musculoskeletal system is an essential body system composed of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and connective tissue, allowing for movement and stability. There are many components in this fascinating system, and it is important to determine the exact structure that is injured, as well as the “fail” point that led to injury.

In some cases, this is more obvious, such as suddenly falling on unstable ground and sustaining a ligament sprain. Some however, are not so obvious, such as gradual onset of hip pain. Both these cases require a thorough examination to determine the injured structure, the extent of injury, and the causes leading to this pain. Both will require varying degrees of hands-on therapy and muscle retraining. Identifying the injury and the cause, allows for a targeted and effective treatment for a full, enriched recovery.

Our approach is a fusion of specific hands on therapy and specific muscle retraining, to restore optimal movement patterns and posture to ensure long-term gains. Improve strength, control and stability to ensure a smooth path to recovery and beyond.


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