Our Approach

Sporting Injuries

At Flow Physio we’re experienced in treating a range of sports injuries. In the clinic, we will identify the muscle groups needing strengthening. What [...]

Physical Activity and Living A Active Lifestyle

What is physical activity? Being active is vital for good health. It can take the form of exercise such as sports, going to the gym, swimming, bike [...]

Pre and Post Surgery Physiotherapy

What is pre and post surgery physiotherapy? If you need to undergo surgery to assist in the management of a condition or injury, it is [...]

Neck Pain

What is recurrent or chronic neck pain? Many people, after having one episode of neck pain, will have another episode of neck pain some months or [...]

Low Back Pain

What is acute non-specific low back pain? Low back pain refers to pain in the area between your lowest ribs (around your waist) and your bottom. [...]


What is Pre / Post Natal Physio? Pregnancy and post-natal (post-baby) issues commonly include pain in the low back, hips, groin andhands, as well as pelvic [...]


What is Pilates? Pilates is a method of exercise promoting muscle strength, efficiency and flexibility. It’s widely used in physical training and [...]