Month: March 2017

The Wrist and Hand

The wrist acts like a bridge between your forearm and hand. It is made up of consists of the bottom end of the forearm (radius and ulna), 2 rows of bone [...]

The Spine

Purpose built to; support the head and trunk, protect the spinal cord, allow spinal nerves to exit the spinal cord, provide muscle attachment, and allow [...]

The Shoulder

Also known as the glenohumeral joint, is a multiaxial ball and socket joint. With its large hemisphere “ball” and shallow socket, it permits a [...]

The Pelvis

Consisting of three main bones connected via the sacroiliac joints and pubic symphysis, the pelvis is shaped like an oval in women and like a heart in men. It [...]

The Neck

Consisting of a series of bones (vertebrae) stacked on top of each other and allowing movement between the head and trunk. It allows the head a large range of [...]

The Knee

A hinge joint allowing you to bend and straighten the knee. It is made up of 2 joints. The first, the tibiofemoral joint, is the joint formed between the [...]

The Hip

The hip joint is a highly mobile ball and socket joint. Despite its high level of mobility, the joint’s structure maintains high levels of stability. [...]

The Elbow

Another hinge joint between the upper arm (humerus) and forearm (radius and ulna). Not only does this joint allow the arm to move towards and away from the [...]

The Ankle and Foot

The ankle is predominantly a hinge joint between the shank and foot allowing for an “up and down” movement. The heel in combination with the smaller [...]

Sporting Injuries

At Flow Physio we’re experienced in treating a range of sports injuries. In the clinic, we will identify the muscle groups needing strengthening. What [...]